Welcome to Thememeister!

Hello there! And welcome to the inaugural post of this Thememeister blog. Thememeister? What’s that about, exactly? Well, a “meister” is someone “regarded as skilled or prominent in a specified area of activity.” And in this case, of course, we’re referring to WordPress themes! We here at CMS Themefactory plan to use this blog to write about all things “theme-atic”. We’re big proponents of WordPress around here.

Sure, we’ve worked with other CMS products. Our history even predates the well-known CMS products of today; back when everything was about HTML. But in this day and age that vast majority of sites are build with CMS platforms. And, as of today, no CMS platform is in greater use than WordPress. And why? Simply put, because when you compare them all side by side, WordPress comes out as the best balance of: power, flexibility, user-friendliness, and extended support.

Do you remember yesteryear, when WordPress first emerged as a platform for this precise activity? I’m speaking of course of blogging! Yes, those were the humble beginnings of WordPress - hence the name! But since then it’s come so far. Today it is a robust, extendable, mega-powerful, full-on CMS. And by “CMS” we mean, of course, “content management system.” Simply put, that means WordPress lets you organize and publish all aspects of your content - no matter what it is. And not only is the core WordPress platform a work of wonder, but of course there’s an expansive, ever-growing network of plugins and such as well. All of this adds up to a WordPress universe that amazes, enthralls, entices, and, most importantly of all… delivers!

Here at CMS Themefactory we concern ourselves with one central thing: creating premium WordPress themes that look great, function as smoothly as you like, are user-friendly, and meet the unique needs of various, specific industries. In simple English this means that we don’t just aim for generic themes that can be used on any old site. No, we craft themes catered to specific genres. So if you’re looking for a counseling theme, for example, we have those available - designed and built with the unique needs of the therapeutic community in mind. And the same is the case for our WordPress church themes, our WordPress charity themes, WordPress bakery themes, coffee and tea shop themes, etc.

So we hope you’ll take some time to browse our collection. Our hope and always evolving aim is to offer WordPress themes that meet the specific needs of each of our varied customers. And be sure to check back for new posts on this Thememeister blog, as well. We plan to blog regularly - with information that’s (hopefully :)) helpful, informative, and inspiring.