Church Theme 78



Theme Details:

  • RESPONSIVE CHURCH THEME: Specific device rendering for mobile tablets and smart phones
  • Advanced, user-friendly WordPress admin interface
  • Editable, homepage javascript slideshow
  • Multi-level drop-down menu (easily editable)
  • Three, editable custom graphic buttons
  • This template offers three separate page layouts: homepage with slideshow photo section and custom buttons, interior page one column layout, and interior page two column layout - set each individual page to the layout you prefer for that page.
  • Theme width 940px; fixed-center
  • Editable PSD files included for easy customization of logo and custom, graphic buttons.
  • All images featured in the preview pages to the right and in the live demo (click button above to preview this theme).
  • All images are designed to be easily replaced with your own (if you prefer).
  • Theme is widgetized so you can move widgets around the page easily.
  • All fonts used in design.

Responsive WordPress Church Theme:
Are you in the market for a bold, inspirational church website design, that's also user-friendly, and portable to various devices? Well, look no farther. This new design is a WordPress responsive church theme - meaning it offers specific rendering for a variety of devices: desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc. That means that people will not only be able to access your church website, but they'll be able to do it from any number of devices. So make a bold online statement, and one that reaches the greatest number of people, with this new premium responsive WordPress church theme from CMS Themefactory.