New Spire Series of Genesis Framework Church Themes

It was only a week or so ago that we announced the first of a new batch of WordPress Genesis framework themes being launched here at CMS Themefactory. Well, this week we’re following that up with the announcement of another fresh set of Genesis framework themes. Last week it was five new WordPress counseling themes. This week we’re announcing the launch of three new WordPress church themes running on the Genesis framework. All told, that makes eight new Genesis themes! And rest assured, there are more to come!

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s tell you a little about the new WP church themes we launched this week. From a design perspective, we crafted these new themes in homage of other popular schemes we’re built before. And by “schemes” I mean both color combinations and layout elements. Making up numbers 2, 3, and 4 of the new church Spire series, these themes come in purple, blue, and a light beige, respectively.

The purple was an easy first choice because this color scheme has proven popular with churches in the past. Majesty and royalty are the themes we’re working off of with Spire #2. And with the gold accent colors, this theme is taken into overdrive. This is both a popular color scheme, and one you don’t often see online - which makes it a doubly good choice for a variety of Christian communities of faith.

The third and fourth themes come in blue and beige, respectively. Churches looking for a theme that’s bold might prefer the Spire theme #3, whereas those looking for a warm, welcoming feel might opt for #4. Either one is a great choice, offering accessible colors and layout elements.

These new Spire series of WordPress church themes really are something special. In addition to impacting layouts, each of these new sites offers a built-in sermon organizer and player, as well as standard page and blog configurations. Being that these are fully responsive Genesis framework WP themes, you’re church members and online visitors will be able to navigate through the site with ease, regardless of what device their accessing the web with.

Of course, one of the real key features of each of these themes is that they run on the WordPress Genesis theme framework? What is that exactly? Well, Genesis is like a super-powered chassis running underneath the front end of these new striking themes. The Genesis framework provides a stable, flexible, and easily customizable foundation.

When you add to that the unique design elements and custom functionality we’ve built into each of these Spire church themes, well then it’s easy to see why we’re so excited about them. Even better, with any theme purchase, you get the full live demo install file. And that means that not only will your church website look great, but you can have it up and running before you know it.

Some themes offer a fresh splash of paint to get you started on a new website. But these premium Spire themes do much more than that. They basically offer you something close to a turn-key solution. The layout, image placement, and unique church website customization (like the events calendar and sermon player/organizer) provide what amounts to an entirely pre-formatted church website.

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