Is this a one-time purchase, or is there a recurring fee of some kind?
This is a one-time purchase product. After purchase the theme is yours to use for life.

May I modify the theme to fit the specs of my particular site?
Yes, you modify theme for the website you are building with it.

Will my site look like the live demo?
Yes, we provide the full install file - so that your site will look and function just like the live demo of whatever theme you purchased.

Is there support provided for these themes?
Yes, our team is available for questions about setting up/running the theme.

Are the themes updated?
Yes, as necessary our themes are updated for security and smooth functioning.

Do I receive the images I see displayed on the live demo with my theme purchase?
Yes, you will receive all photos and graphics you see on our live demos.

Is the CMS Themefactory team available to help me with setup of the theme?
Yes, we are available to help with theme setup. Just contact us for details.

Are any plugins used with the theme included with the download I receive?
Yes, for the user’s convenience we provide the plugins used in our themes.

Is CMS Themefactory the creative team behind these themes, or is this a 3rd party vendor site?
All themes you see displayed here were designed and developed in-house by our team.

Am I able to change colors on these themes?
Color changes are always possible - sometimes through the admin options, and sometimes through the admin editor. We may also be able to assist with requested color changes. Contact us for details.

Do I need external software to work with these themes?
These themes are built to work with WordPress, which is a free, open-source software product. Depending on the theme, you may want to make edits to graphic images using a graphic editor. However, we can also often help making these changes for you - as part of your theme purchase. Contact us for details or questions about this.

Have other questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!