The “All-In” Developer Plan

In response to popular request we’re happy to announce our new Developers Annual Membership plan. This is an “all-in” membership, if ever there was one. That means for the low price of $149 for the first year, and subsequent years at just $99 (yes, that price is really low - and we expect it’ll probably go up in the future, so now’s a good time to take advantage!), you get access to everything.

Everything? Yes - everything.

So what exactly is “everything”? Read on to find out.


If you’ve been paying attention you’ll have noticed that we’ve been adding themes at a steady clip this year. And we have every intention of continuing that pace. And with this membership package, you get access to ALL THOSE THEMES - every one.

Even better, you can download each of them to develop your own turn-key website projects as often as you’d like. And not only do you get access to all of themes we’ve already created, but all of the themes we add during the life of your membership.

These themes are all built to be robust, flexible and responsive. Unlike many theme shops, our theme offerings are unique in that we get you 2/3 the way to a finished website. Rather than a bland, generic look, we craft works of art to impress visually as much as they do functionally. And the themes we create are genre and industry-specific. What that means is that we lend our years and years of web design and development expertise to creating themes that make sense for specific kinds of websites. Both the design scheme choices, and the layouts are carefully crafted to meet the needs of each of the particular vertical industries we build themes for.

Even better, each of our themes comes with the full install file - so you can be up and running with a live site that looks and functions exactly like our live demo, in very short order. And yes, that means you have access to and can use all of the images included with these themes in your own turn-key web projects.


We’ve all had the experience of download something that works great at first, only to run into an issue down the road, and suddenly have no way of getting questions answered. We won’t leave you high and dry like that! We offer full and ongoing support for all of our themes for the life of your membership.

Our support comes in a couple different forms. One, we’re building a growing online forum of the most frequently asked questions we get here at CMSTF. So there’s a good chance you can get your question answered right there in the forums. And, if not, you can submit a support ticket and we’ll get on it ASAP - and get back to you with a response within 24 hours of receiving your question.


This is something we’ve added after a number of customers have inquired about the possibility. What exactly is the “Good Stuff Repository”? Well, it’s a place where we upload all of the photos we have as part of our custom stock photo collection. That’s right, you’ll have access to each and every one of those stock photos to use in your own turn-key website projects. You can use any given image once, or over and over again. It’s your choice. This growing collection of stock photos is available to you for the life of your membership with your total member’s access to our sister site, Essential Stock Images - ESI. Seriously, take a look - there’s a lot there!

But, as cool as that is, there’s more than just the impressive and always growing collection of photos available in the “Good Stuff Repository”, there’s also PSD files of logos and theme images we’ve created (this means custom buttons, background images and the like). That’s right, you get access to all of the editable logo files, all the editable background images, and all the editable custom graphic work. It’s all there in the Good Stuff Repository. Shall we just call this the GSR from now on? 🙂

Are you now convinced that this is a pretty amazing offer?

If so, just click on this button to GET THE ALL-IN DEVELOPER PLAN!

If you have any questions about this offer, feel free to contact us!