About Us

CMS Themefactory is a vendor for premium WordPress themes. Our on-site design team develops WordPress church themes, and WordPress business themes, designed to meet the needs of customers in those fields, while offering world-class visual elements. Our team has more than a decade of experience in understanding the kind of design elements that really help one website to stand a part from others. And, during that time we’ve also grown familiar with how a website should ideally be set up in order to allow for an intuitive navigation experience. At CMS Themefactory we put all this experience to use in developing world-class WordPress themes designed to take your business or church website to the next level.

Perhaps you haven’t quite heard it put this way before, but developing a world-class design scheme is both an art and a science. This is as true for WordPress themes as it is for any other platform. A top-notch website design scheme should consider color combinations and contrasts, textures, fonts, custom shapes, page structure, and more. Making a website world-class, whether it’s a WordPress theme or some other kind of website product, involves finding the right balance between these various elements.

Now, on the one hand you want something unique, something that catches the eye, something that says “you haven’t already seen this a thousand times online”. But, on the other hand, a really great design scheme should also offer an intuitive navigation experience. In other words, if a website offers an immediate “Wow!” factor, but then proves difficult to use, your audience/customers will quickly tire, and move on to the next website.

There are certain conventions that have emerged in the navigation of the World Wide Web over time, and people expect you to follow these conventions, in order to make the experience one where a lot of extra thinking and interpretation isn’t required. At CMS Themefactory, we keep this all in mind; creating WordPress themes that both impress, and prove common-sensical in their layout design. After years and years in the website design field, this has become second-nature to our team. And that’s why choosing a premium WordPress theme from us is such a great idea (if we do say for ourselves!). By doing so you’re able to take advantage of our web development expertise, while paying just a fraction of what it would cost to have a completely custom design developed.

Of course there are plenty of free WordPress themes out there. So why pay for one? Well a couple of really obvious reasons immediately jump out. Put most simply, not all WordPress themes are created equally! Being that WordPress is open to all, you get all sorts of people putting out WP themes. But not all, in fact, very few, of these people have the kind of experience necessary to offer a really world-class product. As we’ve mentioned already, a great web design is a combination of visual appeal, and straightforward layout design. Of course, looking beyond this, a very valid reason for opting for a premium WordPress theme is that you end up with a website that doesn’t look like a thousand - or a hundred thousand? - WordPress websites that already exist online.

If you’re looking for to make the most of the powerful, robust, flexible, user-friendly content management system that is WordPress, but you want to do so via a WordPress theme that is both stunning and intuitive in its structure, look no farther! That’s exactly what we at CMS Themefactory are all about! Here you’ll find premium WP themes, including WordPress church themes, and WordPress business themes, that let you put your best foot forward online, while providing for a set-up and website maintenance experience that is a snap - even for someone with basically zero HTML experience. Follow our instructions (provided with your premium WP theme purchase), and familiarize yourself with the WordPress admin interface, and you’ll be managing a world-class website for your business, church, or organization before you know it!